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ELaser is the most accurate easy-to-use laser digital templating system. It’s the industry standard for as-built measuring.

ELaser is the choice of professionals in many industries:

Stone  •  Countertops/Splashes  •  Millwork  •  Cabinetry  •  Stairs  •  Railings  •  Glass 

  Flooring  •  Ornamental Steel  •  Marine Decking  •  Pools & Spas

Commercial and large scale digital measuring/templating at its best with a range of 160’ and infinite relocation ability for larger spaces. Positional accuracy of 1mm in 30’, 2mm in 100’ makes the Pro the most accurate system in the industry. Auto-leveling is accomplished on startup insuring you are always working from level. Advanced motorized movement via handheld remote and video driven targeting enhance the precision at distances that exceed line of sight. Automatic scan features are great for scribing walls, measuring curved walls, or creating a grid.

Large job or small, ELaser Pro tackles them all!

Digital measuring/templating of smaller and constricted spaces. Light weight, highly portable system with a positional accuracy of 1/16” in 15’ meets the industry standard for laser measuring. Digital onboard leveling assures that you are operating from level. Manual and micro adjust controls, as well as built in video crosshair, allow you to easily target locations. A handheld remote makes it easy to take points/measurements. The ELaser Xpress is the small job measuring tool when you are on the go! 

The ELaser Xpress is the small job measuring tool when you are on the go!

Industry Leading AWARD WInning technology:

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